Each set machine with strict quality check from raw material to finished products.
Main standard product series
(1) Glass Double Edging/Round edging Machine(Mitsubishi PLC)
(2) Glass Beveling  Machine (9/10/11 motors, ABB motor)
(3) Glass multilevel Edging Machine (9/10 motors)
(4) Glass Edging Machine (8/9/10motors/12motors)
(5) Glass Round Edging Machine (7/8/9 motors)
(6) Glass Drilling Machine (manual/auto/PLC type)
(7)Glass Washing Drying Machine (800/1200/1600/2000/2500 type)
(8) Glass Shape and Beveling Machine (outer/inner-outer type)
(9)Glass sandblasting machine (manual, auto PLC 1600/2000/2500 type)
(10)Glass working kiln (1830/1836 type)